Cafe B Data Updates

Opening the cafe in January has been a great experience, seeing the community visiting, laughing, enjoying and playing together again is amazing!  We have all gotten out of our routines of being together for so long and as people are starting to get back into the routine you see the joy that they all have to be together again.  Watching the kids playing in the world of wow, while parents visit with each other, sometimes enjoying a snack and at other times happy to order dinner and not have to go home to cook.

Hannah’s Kitchen has grown tremendously over the last three years, expanding how we serve the community as well as the number of people we have the joy to work with.  One disadvantage of growing during the last three years is having less direct interactions with our customers.  For me the most exciting part of the cafe is that I actually get to meet all these people I have been feeding for the last three year in person!  Getting to meet you and talk to you is one of the highlights of my days.  

Working from the cafe gives me a chance to meet everyone, see what is working, what is not working and how we can keep learning from what we are doing.  This week we are excited to finally have our full menu available as of Wednesday, we have worked hard on the recipes and execution and look forward to sharing these delicious meals with everyone!  Also, working on having challah, rye breads and other desserts available daily has been great, and hoping to work on more GF and other options as we grow.  

Our Passover menu is up and ready for your orders, and we are so happy we get to serve you till April 4th from the cafe so that as everyone is getting ready for Passover we can help lighten some of the workload!  

I hope to get to meet many more of you!  Looking forward to hearing the playing and laughing!

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