Catering Services

Wedding Catering

Hannah’s Kitchen elevates your Jewish wedding with exquisite kosher-style catering, blending tradition and taste to celebrate your union. Our dedicated team crafts every dish with care, ensuring your special day is marked by unforgettable flavors and the warmth of Jewish hospitality.

Cafe B Data Catering

Hannah’s Kitchen brings the cozy charm of a café to your event with our café catering services, offering a delightful array of coffee, pastries, and light fare that’s perfect for any gathering. Our menu, infused with home-baked warmth and artisanal quality, is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere, transforming your event into an inviting café experience.

Shiva Catering

Hannah’s Kitchen provides compassionate Shiva catering services, offering a comforting selection of kosher-style meals and platters that honor tradition and support families during their time of mourning. With thoughtful menus designed to bring solace and communal warmth, we ensure a respectful and seamless catering experience that allows you to focus on remembering your loved ones.

Bar Mitzvah Catering

Hannah’s Kitchen celebrates the milestone of a Bar Mitzvah with vibrant and joyous catering services, offering a feast that honors this significant rite of passage. Our menus are crafted with care, blending traditional Jewish flavors with contemporary culinary trends to delight guests of all ages, ensuring a memorable celebration of this important moment in a young person’s life.

Events and Party Catering

Hannah’s Kitchen specializes in transforming events and parties with exceptional catering services, offering a curated selection of dishes that cater to every palate. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures a memorable experience that elevates any celebration.

Corporate Catering

Hannah’s Kitchen elevates corporate events with professional catering services, providing a sophisticated menu that impresses clients and colleagues alike. Our reliable and seamless service ensures your business gatherings are both enjoyable and memorable, reflecting the high standards of your organization.

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Our mission

Your personal chef away from home!

Now Hannah’s Kitchen gives her a way to share her love for food and Judaism with the community and be a part of so many people’s lives. Also, allowing Hannah to really be creative and explore food and use her love and knowledge of Judaism and its traditions. Hannah’s Kitchen is a business born of love of community and good food. The goal of Hannah’s Kitchen is to have great food that happens to be kosher that serves the whole community and outside the community as well!  

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