Cafa B Data – 1 year in business!

Hannah’s Kitchen CafA B Data has each 1 year old! It has been a great first year and we are excited to keep expanding our selection.  Weekly specials, Knish mondays and now we are doing Chinese food once a month and more!  

Now more than ever I see a need for a space for us to be together as a community,  One of the best things I have seen in the cafe is the diversity of the customers and how it brings people together.  Families, friends and co-workers that have different levels of observance having a place to eat together. Even seeing people meeting in the cafe for the first time and gaining connections and friendships through those interactions.  

Life has changed since October 7th in the Jewish community, I love the memes that are out there about “we never knew how much the world hated us, but we found out how much we love each other” .  That resonates with me so much, feeling the connections to each other right now is powerful and important.  We want to talk about how we feel and know we are not alone in all of it.

My hope is that we see more and more groups coming into the cafe to be together, enjoy the food and visit with each other. We also would love to hear from you, on specials or menu items you would like to see in the future.  We will be partnering with different non profits on Tuesdays to encourage more community building and donating to them for coming out!  So we hope to see more of you then too!  

All of the people I have the joy of meeting in the cafe, reminds me how special our community is in MIlwaukee and can’t wait to meet more of you!

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