A Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a a holiday that has become a tradition of family togetherness, with comfort food, and traditions. This is my 4th year that Hannah’s kitchen has been a part of so many family’s Thanksgiving tables.

Our crew worked so hard and diligently to put out our orders in a fast and efficient way. Seeing the same names on our order sheets, is such a great thing, we feel connected to our customers, like we are a part of their family.

Last year, was chaotic, our main sous chef was out with covid, so we had to hustle to get it all done. Then just as we were getting calls for pick ups, the power went out… no phone lines, no way to get in and out of the security doors. I
Jumped to action and walked around the building to the parking lot and we use our cell phones to communicate and directed people to the loading dock. We got all the food out, but it was crazy!  Those moments are moments that you look back at as a way to hold as a team.

This year, was great, dancing in the kitchen to 90’s music,  The Black Keys and other assorted tunes, singing, laughing and producing food with a love for what we do. I want to capture the fun we have in the kitchen in pictures.. but I never seem to be able to. Today we had multiple “wishbone” battles, between the staff…. I won my battle, hoping my wish comes true!

I’m looking forward to a couple days to focus on my kids, and making memories with them. When they were younger I’d find a craft project, making fingerprint turkeys, or some project i found online. My youngest turns 9 Friday so figuring out all the special ways to celebrate that milestone will be my goal this weekend.

Hope you enjoy your thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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